Examples of our work from different projects

Mostly conducted in the Czech language.

A Roadmap for quality public finances in the Czech Republic

In this study, we analyze the possibilities of improving public finance management in the Czech Republic.

Options to increase state budget revenue

We have developed 6 effective measures with an annual revenue potential of 140 billion CZK.


We use forecasting tournaments to provide public institutions with predictions of future developments.

National vision

In this short document we explain our approach to developing a national vision and its importance.

Integration of Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic 2022+

Together with PAQ Research, we have published a set of recommendations for the integration of Ukrainian citizens into Czech society.


We used the future scenarios method to find out how to set up Prague's innovation ecosystem, together with The Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences.

Modern public finance management in the Czech Republic

In this study we analyse modern tools of Public Finance Management.

The cost of housing distress

We calculate and evaluate the costs of housing distress in the Czech Republic, together with the Platform for Social Housing.

Prioritisation in the Czech Republic

Based on knowledge from abroad, we propose how long-term prioritisation systems should be set up in the Czech Republic.


We support public administration in processing and using foresight studies.

Public attitudes towards political decision-making 

In our research, we found that the Czech general public would welcome greater involvement of experts and scientists in public decision-making.

Forecasting tournaments

We organise future prediction tournaments to identify the best forecasters in the Czech Republic.

Megatrends and major societal challenges

For the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, we have identified the global megatrends that will most affect the quality of life in the Czech Republic.

Informed decision-making

We have developed a concept for modernising and streamlining the informed decision-making process.

Introduction to CBA

A brief summary of what Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is, as one of the main methods supporting public decision-making.

Support of analytical capacities in public administration

We work with and support government analysts in the systemic use of knowledge in public decision-making.

Obesity in the Czech Republic

In this study, we calculated the social costs of obesity and analysed the benefits of different possible solutions.

Overview of EBPM organisations

An overview of organisations that can be a source of inspiration for us and with whom we have consulted on our approaches.

Complete CBA Guide

A complete guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), which tells you exactly when and how to use it.

Sectoral overview on prioritisation in education

A sectoral overview of the most important education issues that should be addressed as a priority.

Speed on motorways

In this study, we quantify the costs and benefits of possible speed changes on motorways in the Czech Republic.

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)

A summary on the topic of early childhood interventions to improve children's long-term success and quality of life.

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