We support informed decision-making in public policy

We are a think tank committed to integrating scientific knowledge and quality analysis into the process of public decision-making.


We identify pressing social problems and analyze their context and impact.
We propose possible solutions.


We work with people across the public, academic, non-profit and research sectors and build connections between them.

Systemic change

We share experience and know-how. We propose innovative ways to modernize public administration.

We have carried out dozens of projects.
Take a look at 4 selected ones:


We develop and promote foresight for use in Czech public administration. With this tool, we can identify challenges and opportunities for the future.

Informed decision-making

In cooperation with several other non-profit organizations, we have developed a comprehensive concept for modernizing and streamlining state administration.


FORPOL or Forecasting for policy, provides public institutions with predictions of future developments in important societal issues through forecasting tournaments.

Support of analytical capacities in public administration

We work together with and support government analysts in the systemic use of quality insights in the public decision-making process.

Are you interested in the details of our analyses and methodology or want to work with us?

Our team combines knowledge and experience from research, public administration, non-profit and private sectors.

Together we build on the principles of transparency, objectivity, impartiality and independence.

We cooperate with: